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Sleeping Masks
"THREE (3) Masks"
for $10
mixed styles be surprised!
for $20.00
mixed styles be surprised!
"TWELVE (12) Masks"
for $30
mixed styles be surprised!
"TWENTY (20) Masks"
for $49
mixed styles be surprised!
Sleeping Masks
We choose from many Collections still available. From sold colors to animal prints and our very own arctic seal to the special china silk embroidered collection. be surprised!

PeeperSleepers brand Sleeping Masks, are uniquely designed sleeping masks backed with silky soft black satin, silk & cotton mix, organic cotton and Sea-Cell fabrics. The light weight padding sandwiched in the middle makes PeeperSleepers the most comfortable sleeping mask we've ever worn.

PeeperSleepers utilizes a patented dual elastic strap system to hold the mask securely even whilesleeping. The straps are adjustable making PeeperSleepers one size fits all. PeeperSleepers are hand-washable and are 100% made in the USA.

All masks sold on this site are PeeperSleepers brand unless otherwise noted.

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